Small Beginnings

I grew up three feet above a bed I shouldn’t have been jumping on, begging my father to finish his bedtime stories before my mom caught us.

She usually caught us. But, every night, I learned the art of storytelling from my father, the greatest storyteller I knew.

Little did I know, that these detailed stories, filled with character development and suspense, were turning me into a detailed-oriented writer.


Formal Education

As time passed, I left the bed-time stories in search of a formal education.

The early-morning lectures and uncomfortable chairs of the University of Central Florida (UCF) taught me the basics of advertising, business, and public relations.

But, it was my five years of working, with the creative group AMPED, that led to my current success.



My writing have been used by businesses while organizing teams, departments, launching new initiatives, and generating nearly $800,000. My words have traveled the United States in the mouths of performers and helped close national B2B clients.

They have also been transformed into PowerPoint presentations, email campaigns, technical manuals, guides, blog posts, proposals, websites, short stories, live productions, and more.



Now, I’m a writer who partners with businesses, technologists, creative groups, marketing teams, startups, founders, agencies, etc.

I would love to partner with you.

Let's Work Together