• Non-profit Commercial Concept

    Give Them Hope

    One morning, while sitting at a red light, I saw a man with nothing to lose give up. It wasn’t like the movies. There was no musical score to mark his exit. No audible inner-dialogue to explain why he quit panhandling for a generous heart’s loose change ...

    3 Minute Read
  • Wedding Commercial Concept

    Canon In D

    Her heartbeat betrayed her before her tears did. And, as she smiled, Canon in D began playing. It was her wedding day. White lace now flirted with red rose petals as her heels met the ground. She was moving towards her destiny and then she fell ...

    2 Minute Read
  • Quarterwear Commercial Script

    The Sojourner with a Heart

    To the sojourner with a heart. Those who backpack with the less fortunate in mind and carry the world on their volunteering shoulders ...

    1 Minute Read