Her heartbeat betrayed her before her tears did. And, as she smiled, Canon in D began playing. It was her wedding day. White lace flirted with red rose petals as her heels met the ground. She was moving towards her destiny, and then she fell.


It was embarrassing, and the gasps of the crowd didn’t make it any better. Neither did her mother when she stood up and said, “Stay down! Think about what you are doing. The slower you make it down that aisle the quicker you can call it quits.”


Her wedding became a family affair.


Her father began screaming at her mother as her three-year-old niece began crying.


Her co-workers sat awkwardly silent as her good-for-nothing brother began tweeting.


But she just laid there and thought, “What if my mother and the divorce she went through was right? And what if, ‘till death do us part’ is only a disguised threat from my lover? What if I can’t stay faithful? What if he is unfaithful? What if he leaves me, simply because I’m not good enough?”


There were a lot of “what-ifs” that day. But they were all answered as she cried out for her groom to save her. Instantly, he was by her side. He helped her up and she realized that, no matter how many times she fell, he would always be there to save her. He was kind of like her savior.


Once again, white lace flirted with red rose petals. But now, her heels met the ground in unison with her destiny. They were walking down the aisle together.


Her wedding continued.


Canon in D once again began playing. Her mother and father were now silent. Her co-workers began smiling. And even the attendees that didn’t believe in love were touched by this testimony. Her brother, in 140 characters, cheered her as her niece fast asleep. And when they arrived at the altar, the storms in her head ceased.


Every time she retells this story, she always fast-forwards to her groom’s vows.

Because he said, “If the world stops turning around just to turn against you remember that you are not alone. I will always be there to back you up and pick you up when you fall.

I did not lie when your father asked me whether I would die for you. My answer was yes yesterday, and it will be the same tomorrow. Drown out the voices of fear and what-ifs in the world, and believe that I will never leave, abuse or forsake you.


And if you’re wondering what happens after death, trust that I went ahead and took care of that part. God and I have an understanding. There’s a place prepared for you.


I want you. I choose you. I give my life to you because I love you.


All you have to do is believe in my love and say I do.”


She said, “I do.”